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Welcome to my Blog and thank you for being here to share with me on this exciting journey into self -discovery. I will be taking you, my readers and fans along as I learn, grow, share and expand my writing. I will share inspirational thoughts, moments, encounters, and experience as I travel around our beautiful city for Mona in the 6IXX.

The #monainthe6ixx social media advertising, marketing and promotional campaign was created by me in January 2021, as my way of getting the word out about the novels, create a buzz, and following etc. When you are a first time self-publishing author, your budget is tight, most times non-existent as we navigate this new area of our life and our dream.

However, as I posted each new place and picture I took; it was suggested that I could use the various pictures as a Blog story about all the things, places and people that I meet along the way promoting Mona’s Secret Diaries. Each post will show the Books in various locations, situations, friendly and curious encounters and lessons learned along the way.

Mona in the 6IXX is also a celebration of our amazing readers, fans in our city and all the cities around world these books will show up in. Where is your 6IXX? I also invite you to share your moments in your 6IXX wherever you are. Join us on the “River Grand of Life”  Author A G Elliott

Meet Mona Amanda Johnson
Meet Mona Amanda Johnson

Start with… One word. One step. One picture. One smile. Just Start”