I started out by putting myself in a Box

Welcome again to my Blog and thank you for sharing your time with me.  On my many walks in the 6IXX always brings curious on-lookers. Very few will enquire once they see my book/s is the focus of my attention. Sometimes, someone will stop, ask and we exchange a short conversation with me giving them my card.  I had posted over thirty posts within the above box before my son said “Mom, you should post the pictures without the box. I can’t do anything special or extra with them.” Well, he didn’t need to tell me twice; the pictures were posted with little cropping, no filters and it became easier to add new pictures and engage. It has been a grind, I am finally seeing the growth creeping up, reaching new people leading to more sales.

My Box had to go, not only in my posts but also in every aspect of my new writing career and me. I lacked the confidence and experience as a new self-published author to navigate this new endeavor; faced a learning curve that would be costly with no agent or professional guidance. I still have no agent, promoter or marketing team; however my most important ammunition in my toolbox is my friend, mentor and advisor Olive Rose Steele (Author of Cry Tough, After all this time, Still and And when we Pray). Olive’s tireless support and guidance helped me become a better writer, marketer, promoter and have control over all that I put out in public. This is your number one priority is to find someone like that to hold you accountable, on track and sane.

Being outside the Box gave me a better Look at my world and beyond

After almost eighteen months after I launched The Chronicle and Turning Point, on Paperback and now Kindle Edition. I am finally seeing my ranking change. With Best Sellers Rank: #997,299 in Books, #4,110 in Black & African American Women’s Fiction, #12,158 in Domestic Life in Women’s Fiction,  #18,888 in Family Life (Books) and or the Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 ratings; one of which was my own; snuck in before I read all the rules. good news right…

It did not garner that enthusiast warm and fuzzy feeling and it did not matter that my ranking had moved up over four million places. What I saw was all my extra work, input, marketing, promotions, talking, learning, sweating, sleepless nights and postings on multiply platforms etc., had not increased my bottom-line. And all my financial sources were drying up quicker than the waters in the Great Lakes and beyond.

I could not see the forest from the trees and had counted all my chickens before they hatched; the house was built with wood from the forest and extra eggs were hatched, scrambled and or sold. I had put myself in this Box of expectations that gave me no room for surprises or disappointments, other than what I wanted and saw. Well, life always has its own surprises waiting for us; especially when we have created our perfect little plans, universe and Box.


This International News sign seemed so appropriate to post my new venture; I wanted to broadcast it to the world, I have arrived with a bang and not a whimper.  I landed somewhere in-between and was just happy to finally have my work out there. This journey has forced me to be patient, agile and persistent. I have learned to be fluid, focus, creative, consistent, persistent bold, resourceful, skillful and have the ability to change direction and thinking when needed quickly. Most of all, I found out that I am stronger than I think, more capable than I gave myself credit and able to make life-changing decisions without consent or permission. I learned even is-spite of all my doubts, inadequacies, shortcomings, challenges and non-existent budget; I am doing it. I am doing it and getting better every day at making the impact that will eventually change my destiny.

I had to take my Box and smash it; dare to dream even bigger and live it live, no matter what happens or come’s what may. With all the challenges of these past few years and all the mental, emotional and psychological upheaval that we have all experienced and survived together. Just remember no matter what life brings your way; keep the faith, because the more life messes with your good intended plans the greater the victory and rewards. so go live your dreams now and never look back! Thank you for sharing a small part of you day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Please leave a comment, tell a friend or share a story. Have a great day or weekend and stay safe. And remember to do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Published by authoragelliott

First time Author A G Elliott sat in her backyard with her laptop, wrote her first Trilogy: Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One Two & Three; a mammoth achievement under any circumstance over summer 2016 (June-August). Mona’s Secret Diaries came out of a more than nine hundred page manuscript and after four years released the first of three books under the series name Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book One - The Chronicle was launched on (Amazon _September 2020) and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will launch Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book Two - Turning Point (Amazon_June 2021). Ms. Elliott is a mother of four children (Kwamiebena, Kieoni, Kievonie and Karema), grandmother of two (Zion and Jerimiah), community activist, and volunteer. Ms. Elliott is also a business owner, African inventor’s museum curator and event organizers.

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