Your Time for Self is One of the Foods that Feeds the Soul Body and Mind

Welcome again to my Blog and thank you again for sharing your time with me. On one of my many walks around the 6IXX; I often encounter unique people, places and things along the way and they become a part of my story. Hence, the picture of this sign at a local business in Cedarbrae Mall and their juices and protein drinks and how it reminded me of my visit with my brother in Atlanta, Georgia.  When I visited, I was surprised by the copious amounts of protein shakes father and son drank and how little home-cooked meals they ate each week. And if you know anything about Atlanta, Georgia or the United States in general; you know there are a plethora of restaurants and fast-foods everywhere.  The first day I arrived, I went shopping; not because they didn’t have food in the house but because; I had four children and a particular way of eating. So I started to cook. My brother ate like it was Christmas in July; it was a feast and treats for him, his family and mine.  We bonded over our first meal together after discovering we were sibling years earlier.

It was a grueling marathon twenty-six hour journey from Toronto to Atlanta on four buses and just as many hours coming back and was an wonderful and unforgettable once in a lifetime family trip; I will never take again by bus. Yet, I met some great people and a gentleman name Kevin who had been traveling twenty-six hours already and had another fifteen to go once we had reached our destination. He did that every three or four months to visit family over the past ten years and loved it; slept sitting up. The contracting beauty and sadness of the country was complimentarily contracted by the various range of people I saw along the way. It was ‘Time Well Spent’ I digress; oh, yes the topic was our time.


Give Time and Commitment Boundaries to Yourself and Others – Learning how to manage my time and how much to give away has always been a challenge; in the past family, children, friends and community came first.  I had to take back control of my time and life if I wanted to finally take care of me and I can assure you it has cost me on some very personal levels.  It is a work in progress.

Over the past two pus years, I have lost over 50 pounds (thanks Marlin Herbs), completed Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One & Two available in paperback and Kindle eBooks, working on Book Three and a new novel after the Mona’s series completion visit I learned how to set-up, use various social media more affectively; launching Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Google Drive, About Me and my Amazon Authors Page and more promotional platforms. I learned how to create my own website, blog, professional promotional materials and soon videos. I have launched my Mona in the 6IXX Blog at and will launch my author novels website in a few months and so much more.

What I have learned is priceless in terms of time, knowledge and money; most importantly I know now and can Self-Help Myself (a double thanks Author Olive Rose Steele). I took back my time and started putting me first, loving me first, choosing me first, helping me first; a first for me. I am still discovering this other whole new amazing me. And you will too; if you are willing to gift yourself your time to discover YOU!

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Leave a comment, tell and friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Published by authoragelliott

First time Author A G Elliott sat in her backyard with her laptop, wrote her first Trilogy: Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One Two & Three; a mammoth achievement under any circumstance over summer 2016 (June-August). Mona’s Secret Diaries came out of a more than nine hundred page manuscript and after four years released the first of three books under the series name Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book One - The Chronicle was launched on (Amazon _September 2020) and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will launch Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book Two - Turning Point (Amazon_June 2021). Ms. Elliott is a mother of four children (Kwamiebena, Kieoni, Kievonie and Karema), grandmother of two (Zion and Jerimiah), community activist, and volunteer. Ms. Elliott is also a business owner, African inventor’s museum curator and event organizers.

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