Welcome again to my Blog, thank you again for sharing your time with me. This week was a very challenging week for many personal reasons. It afforded me the opportunity to really dig deeper into myself to find the strength that is necessary to endure and overcome some of life’s many unexpected upheavals. So when you think that your life is at a place where you want it to be and you are moving towards your goals in life; I promise that someone or something is going to come along to try and disturb your carefully constructed plans and world. Hence, you should always be vigil about your time, space and protect your mind from the onslaught of other ‘s drama, dilemma and or delusions. Not to say you don’t care; however protecting self is very important. Yes, you will always be there to help, listen and give a hand but never let someone else take over your life with their life. As a woman, mother, wife, daughter etc. it is very easy to become the do everything for everyone person that is always expected of us. We can easily forget ourselves, needs, wants and desires that inspire our best selves in the past; before we started taking care of everyone’s everything and forget ourselves.


I remember as a child playing Snakes and Ladders, wanting to be the first to finish; excited to get a ladder and disappointed to get a snake; it was all a part of the game. Life is like that with plenty of snakes, ladders and a few open pits that we don’t see until we are almost in it or in it already. Every day we wake up we have to be grateful and thankful for another day; even if we don’t believe in God or Religion; we all have something to be thankful for especially in these uncertain times. Mental Health is one of those unexpected pits we don’t want to fall into or see someone we love fall into. It is one of the most painful and heart-wrenching things to watch; and are helpless for render assistance to those in need of help. It requires professional help, even if you are a professional yourself; you will have to let them go at some point. Living with someone with or trying to take care of someone with mental health leaves you vulnerable to mental, emotional, psychological and physical harm. And as the person descends deeper into their own personal abyss, we come to realize this has always been a part of theirs and our life; dealing with various versions of their mental health descent. Weather parent, children, family, friend or love living with this; we are all in some level of danger; be it mental emotional or physical and we must protect ourselves at all cost. There are very few ladders at the end of mental health and ten times as many snakes.


If you have lived with someone with mental health issues over a lifetime, it become more and more difficult as you get older to have much patience, sympathy and or compassion; especially when there is unresolved hurt, pain and anger. Unfortunately, it will become an exercise in protecting your mind, body and soul from that person try to destroy you; especially if they have targeted you as the source of all their problems or troubles i.e. a child or a parent. Will you feel GUILT and have long term damage or issues, maybe yes, maybe no; it will all depend on how you decide to deal with it while learning how to heal from it. Most important, you have to protect yourself and find help for that person and for yourself; because this problem is bigger than you or me and growing larger in the today society.  Yes, we all want to help when there is a crisis with mental health, the most unseen and sometimes misunderstood of all diseases; the disease of the mind. It is our most fragile organ in our body; protect it at all cost.  Let go and seek help from a professional…it will save your life today and or tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Leave a comment, tell and friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Published by authoragelliott

First time Author A G Elliott sat in her backyard with her laptop, wrote her first Trilogy: Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One Two & Three; a mammoth achievement under any circumstance over summer 2016 (June-August). Mona’s Secret Diaries came out of a more than nine hundred page manuscript and after four years released the first of three books under the series name Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book One - The Chronicle was launched on (Amazon _September 2020) and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will launch Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book Two - Turning Point (Amazon_June 2021). Ms. Elliott is a mother of four children (Kwamiebena, Kieoni, Kievonie and Karema), grandmother of two (Zion and Jerimiah), community activist, and volunteer. Ms. Elliott is also a business owner, African inventor’s museum curator and event organizers.

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