Getting out of my own Way & Comfort Zone


Welcome to my Official Blog for Mona in the 6IXX; which started as marketing and promotional campaign for my Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Trilogy. I took this picture in-front of my home after my second shipment of pre-paid autograph copies arrived.  I had been taking pictures and posting them to my Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and my Amazon Authors Pages.  Plus all the plans for a launch were quickly derailed by the second lockdown during the Pandemic.  At first, I started with people I knew; friends, family, associates and a few strangers I was able to reach directly.  Strangely enough, I thought I have way more, family, friends, and associates that would support me and spread the word on the Mountain Top.  Nope they didn’t and they probably won’t.  This is your “Reality Check” checking in and it’s okay.   Yep, so keep working your non-working job wasting your “Mother F—ing” time saying you’re an author. They will tell you at some point; loudly too, in a condescending I have nine to five job kind of way. Never give up! I digressed, however this is important to note.     

Overlook all the Ney Sayers. Just Keep doing your thing and silence them with your action and results                                                                                                   

So how to get the word out as a new author, during a pandemic, lockdown and with limited finances etc.  How will I stand out amongst the millions of books and authors published each year, without a hundred thousand dollar budget, agent; and a whole advertising and marketing machine and team at work?  All advice led in one direction to help my-self and my books reach more people.  Expand your Social Media presence and posts.  Sounded reasonable; until it was explained to me the full extent of what was required.  I was truly exhausted just listening; besides, I thought what I was doing was pretty good.  Then, I heard the list of all that I would need to do to attain maximum coverage and success: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Authors Page, Google Drive, About Me, Authors website and Blog, Podcast, Tic Tok, Youtube and those are just the main ones. On top of all that my mentor wants me to write at least 500 hundred words everyday towards my next novels release. Where would I find the time?


Changing to ensure progress even at your personal discomfort is a necessary evil.   Okay, my social media skills were very limited. I actually disliked; no hated it for the longest time and was reluctant to share anything personal.   How times have changed. Now that I had to actually talk about myself and not just what I did with and for my business and others; it required me to let go of a lot of privacy issues that had stopped me in the past. And as my advisor, and the experts told me, if no one knows what you did, wrote or have something special or exceptional; how will anyone know if you don’t tell them.  I had to get out of my own way and comfort zone in order to become my best self. Now, I have written two novels, with the third to come and more in the pipeline. I have: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon Author and Google Drive Page, Authors Media Kit, About Me, soon my Blog and own website. Most of all I had to learned to do them all myself and control everything about them. So one step at a time; everything is fine. I’m good, you’re good and we are good. Sometimes life forces me/us to change, no matter what I/we try to do to keep everything the same.  It could be family, work, friends, health, home, school, business etc.; it could be anything that makes you change direction in life. Most times it is for a good when we thought it was a bad. Time will always tell…besides we don’t have advanced notice when “A Change Gone Come”  In a world of Adopt to Live or Die. I Choose Life!

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Leave a comment, tell and friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Published by authoragelliott

First time Author A G Elliott sat in her backyard with her laptop, wrote her first Trilogy: Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One Two & Three; a mammoth achievement under any circumstance over summer 2016 (June-August). Mona’s Secret Diaries came out of a more than nine hundred page manuscript and after four years released the first of three books under the series name Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book One - The Chronicle was launched on (Amazon _September 2020) and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will launch Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past: Book Two - Turning Point (Amazon_June 2021). Ms. Elliott is a mother of four children (Kwamiebena, Kieoni, Kievonie and Karema), grandmother of two (Zion and Jerimiah), community activist, and volunteer. Ms. Elliott is also a business owner, African inventor’s museum curator and event organizers.

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