You can’t spend the Rest of your Life on a Fence you have to Get-off at some Point

Welcome again to my Blog and thank you again for sharing your time with me. On one of my many walks around the 6IXX; I often encounter unique people, places and things along the way and they become a part of my story. Hence, this old fencing in my community; which must be from the few collection of old historic farm houses and properties that still dot our neighborhood.  This old fence to me represented: family, friends, ownership, wealth, poverty, history, heritage, time, people, community, environment, friend-enemies, agriculture, legacy, work/labour, evolution, border, limit, barrier etc. And after all that I could think of that it represented; the most important one that personally adversely affected me is…the indecision of sitting on a fence. 

Life is all about Fences                                                                                                    

You may not realize it; but we make decisions to not sit on the Fence of life every day of our lives. I want to roll over in bed one more time, but I have to get up and…or get to.  I don’t want to do this or do that; are all decisions to put off making decisions. My biggest indecisions have always been around living out my dreams or my personal desires that puts my needs first. It is easier for me to help someone live out their dreams, than to give myself permission to put me and mine first.                                                                                                                                   That is my biggest fence and as a self-publishing author, and self-employed entrepreneur; I explicitly understand the guilt “Self” in anything sounds to most people. With comment like “You don’t have a job?” Some just say “So you don’t work” no matter what you tell them or what they see. Because they don’t see any value in what you do; it can’t be work and shi, I meant shoot, you’re enjoying yourself too. How dare you? When they hate their jobs, bosses and most of their colleagues; just remember misery loves company.     

Make a Leap of Faith Whatever it is!                                                                                   Taking a leap of faith is always frightening, trust me; I have frightened my-self a number of times. I am sure a few people along the way have privately and some publically certified me crazy, but not dangerous. Like the time I took the bus to New York City, took public transit, visited the company owner and came back within twenty-four hours with products or decided to raise my our children on my own or leave Celestica to start my own business or leave business partner to start own business or write two books and launch then. All these were “Acts of Faith” and sometimes; that faith ran paper thin and even fail in moments of deep doubt, stress and disappointments.   Fences help me to get up every-time I fall down, every-time I stumble, every-time I fail, every-time I question myself, every-time I have a doubt.


The fence in this picture reminded me that even though it was old, weathered, battered, beaten and worn. It stood strong, erect, majestic and elegant in a timely kind of way being more than one hundred years old; it still had a lot to teach me about patience, commitment and steadfast silent fortitude. The Fence, like you and I have chosen to become a part of history or to make it. Love what you do with passion.

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Please leave a comment, tell a friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

I started out by putting myself in a Box

Welcome again to my Blog and thank you for sharing your time with me.  On my many walks in the 6IXX always brings curious on-lookers. Very few will enquire once they see my book/s is the focus of my attention. Sometimes, someone will stop, ask and we exchange a short conversation with me giving them my card.  I had posted over thirty posts within the above box before my son said “Mom, you should post the pictures without the box. I can’t do anything special or extra with them.” Well, he didn’t need to tell me twice; the pictures were posted with little cropping, no filters and it became easier to add new pictures and engage. It has been a grind, I am finally seeing the growth creeping up, reaching new people leading to more sales.

My Box had to go, not only in my posts but also in every aspect of my new writing career and me. I lacked the confidence and experience as a new self-published author to navigate this new endeavor; faced a learning curve that would be costly with no agent or professional guidance. I still have no agent, promoter or marketing team; however my most important ammunition in my toolbox is my friend, mentor and advisor Olive Rose Steele (Author of Cry Tough, After all this time, Still and And when we Pray). Olive’s tireless support and guidance helped me become a better writer, marketer, promoter and have control over all that I put out in public. This is your number one priority is to find someone like that to hold you accountable, on track and sane.

Being outside the Box gave me a better Look at my world and beyond

After almost eighteen months after I launched The Chronicle and Turning Point, on Paperback and now Kindle Edition. I am finally seeing my ranking change. With Best Sellers Rank: #997,299 in Books, #4,110 in Black & African American Women’s Fiction, #12,158 in Domestic Life in Women’s Fiction,  #18,888 in Family Life (Books) and or the Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 ratings; one of which was my own; snuck in before I read all the rules. good news right…

It did not garner that enthusiast warm and fuzzy feeling and it did not matter that my ranking had moved up over four million places. What I saw was all my extra work, input, marketing, promotions, talking, learning, sweating, sleepless nights and postings on multiply platforms etc., had not increased my bottom-line. And all my financial sources were drying up quicker than the waters in the Great Lakes and beyond.

I could not see the forest from the trees and had counted all my chickens before they hatched; the house was built with wood from the forest and extra eggs were hatched, scrambled and or sold. I had put myself in this Box of expectations that gave me no room for surprises or disappointments, other than what I wanted and saw. Well, life always has its own surprises waiting for us; especially when we have created our perfect little plans, universe and Box.


This International News sign seemed so appropriate to post my new venture; I wanted to broadcast it to the world, I have arrived with a bang and not a whimper.  I landed somewhere in-between and was just happy to finally have my work out there. This journey has forced me to be patient, agile and persistent. I have learned to be fluid, focus, creative, consistent, persistent bold, resourceful, skillful and have the ability to change direction and thinking when needed quickly. Most of all, I found out that I am stronger than I think, more capable than I gave myself credit and able to make life-changing decisions without consent or permission. I learned even is-spite of all my doubts, inadequacies, shortcomings, challenges and non-existent budget; I am doing it. I am doing it and getting better every day at making the impact that will eventually change my destiny.

I had to take my Box and smash it; dare to dream even bigger and live it live, no matter what happens or come’s what may. With all the challenges of these past few years and all the mental, emotional and psychological upheaval that we have all experienced and survived together. Just remember no matter what life brings your way; keep the faith, because the more life messes with your good intended plans the greater the victory and rewards. so go live your dreams now and never look back! Thank you for sharing a small part of you day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Please leave a comment, tell a friend or share a story. Have a great day or weekend and stay safe. And remember to do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Your Time for Self is One of the Foods that Feeds the Soul Body and Mind

Welcome again to my Blog and thank you again for sharing your time with me. On one of my many walks around the 6IXX; I often encounter unique people, places and things along the way and they become a part of my story. Hence, the picture of this sign at a local business in Cedarbrae Mall and their juices and protein drinks and how it reminded me of my visit with my brother in Atlanta, Georgia.  When I visited, I was surprised by the copious amounts of protein shakes father and son drank and how little home-cooked meals they ate each week. And if you know anything about Atlanta, Georgia or the United States in general; you know there are a plethora of restaurants and fast-foods everywhere.  The first day I arrived, I went shopping; not because they didn’t have food in the house but because; I had four children and a particular way of eating. So I started to cook. My brother ate like it was Christmas in July; it was a feast and treats for him, his family and mine.  We bonded over our first meal together after discovering we were sibling years earlier.

It was a grueling marathon twenty-six hour journey from Toronto to Atlanta on four buses and just as many hours coming back and was an wonderful and unforgettable once in a lifetime family trip; I will never take again by bus. Yet, I met some great people and a gentleman name Kevin who had been traveling twenty-six hours already and had another fifteen to go once we had reached our destination. He did that every three or four months to visit family over the past ten years and loved it; slept sitting up. The contracting beauty and sadness of the country was complimentarily contracted by the various range of people I saw along the way. It was ‘Time Well Spent’ I digress; oh, yes the topic was our time.


Give Time and Commitment Boundaries to Yourself and Others – Learning how to manage my time and how much to give away has always been a challenge; in the past family, children, friends and community came first.  I had to take back control of my time and life if I wanted to finally take care of me and I can assure you it has cost me on some very personal levels.  It is a work in progress.

Over the past two pus years, I have lost over 50 pounds (thanks Marlin Herbs), completed Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One & Two available in paperback and Kindle eBooks, working on Book Three and a new novel after the Mona’s series completion visit https://amazon.com/author/agelliott. I learned how to set-up, use various social media more affectively; launching Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Google Drive, About Me and my Amazon Authors Page and more promotional platforms. I learned how to create my own website, blog, professional promotional materials and soon videos. I have launched my Mona in the 6IXX Blog at https://authoragelliott.ca and will launch my author novels website in a few months and so much more.

What I have learned is priceless in terms of time, knowledge and money; most importantly I know now and can Self-Help Myself (a double thanks Author Olive Rose Steele). I took back my time and started putting me first, loving me first, choosing me first, helping me first; a first for me. I am still discovering this other whole new amazing me. And you will too; if you are willing to gift yourself your time to discover YOU!

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Leave a comment, tell and friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Taking a Swing at Life is worth the Leap

Welcome back to my Blog, thank you again for sharing your time with me. On one of my many walks around the 6IXX; I often encounter unique people, places and things along the way and they become a part of my story. Hence, this Swing in Lusted Park, where I often used to go over these many years to play with my children, watch an outdoor movie, firecrackers, walks, have picnics, watch the birds and squirrels, hang out or have a quiet moment and swing.  I remember enjoying this simply activity for hours. Even as a child, I wanted to go higher and higher; until the swing buckled.

My stomach used to drop, my heart raced and I would jumped out at its highest point in a fearless leap. Today, the leap scared the doo-doo out of me and sent my heart racing like a cardiac arrest was a sure thing. My leaps now, so low my nine-year old grandson easily out leaping me and where did that fearless lion heart go? The one that would leap without looking or was ready to meet or make destiny wherever and whenever it showed up.  What happened to adventures with no destination, maps or map quest or google map?

Life happened and requires all adults for the most part to be responsible participants in life. Now, life required plans to be made and some kind of road map to get to your destination or goal. We get caught up in the “Plan” to get that education, job, savings, house, family and finally retirement freedom before we die. Heavens forbid if you have none or just some of these; then you will be forever listed in the “Plan on failing if you fail to plan” category of life. When plans fail as they sometimes will and do; it’s an opportunity to start anew or rework the plan.


No matter how many plans or road maps we make for our life or others; life, time and circumstances can change all that in a blink of an eye and completely devastate everything and everyone. And if your perfect plan of a life has given you everything you have ever wanted and ask of it. Watch out! A life without struggle, pain, disappointment, hurt, laughter, tears, peace, fighting, trauma and drama, chaos; is a life less lived and will falter under the slightest strain of anyone of these.  Like the tire, rubber, wood, plastic, metal, rope knot swings of my childhood and youth. I had to adapt to each new swing and plan how I could possibly enjoy it. Some worked and others didn’t last for long; like the tire swing and how long could anyone really stay on that before they got sick. At some point you have to walk off or jump off your swing and continue on your destination. You’ll be fine once your head stop spinning.

Thank you for sharing a small part of your day with me; I hope you enjoy these posts. Please leave a comment, tell a friend and or share a story.  Have a great weekend and stay safe. And remember do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Thank you for Joining My Blog I Apologize in Advance!

Welcome to my first BLOG and thank you for joining me.  Doing this Blog is a little intimidating, I will be learning along the way; please be patient with me. I promise, I will screw up a number of times; when all is said and done. I apologize, forgive me quickly and thank you. As I have learned; Life is Like That! No matter how hard I try; something may, could and can go wrong. Murphy from Murphy’s Law is acting up again like a constant thorn in my side.

MURPHY Showed Up Again. Uninvited Like the editing mistakes I still made, even after reading my story a hundred and one times; telling me it required a hundred and two readings. Trust me, it stabbed me in the heart when I saw it too; I felt betrayed. Was it dyslexia, brain fog and or was I edit blind after reading 101 966 words numerous times. Maybe yes, to all of the afore mentioned and more; with no excuses and just a painful reminder of Murphy and my own limits in various parts of my life to self edit. I Apologize in Advance; trust me I am taking a page out of life and my own.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNED When a mistake is made; admit it and correct it as quickly as possible. Forgive yourself, or others and or both. Don’t beat your self up and others. I have yet to meet a perfect person in life, some have came close (Until they use your bathroom). However, if you are right stick to your principal like “Gorilla Glue” most will appreciated it, while others may not. Oh well! Life is like that…never forget Murphy is always lurking over there in the corner, threatening to disrupt all our plans. For instance, I have read and heard about this Pandemic for the past thirty plus years; but was I ready for it or was any of us. I would say no even with thirty plus years of warning; and the last pandemic one hundred plus years ago still have living survivors; few as they are. Best laid plans, intentions, editing; its all the same. Life happening and we question the limited control we think we have. Accept and live each new day with a fresh start to get it RIGHT! Hopefully

HOW THIS BLOG THIS GOT STARTED This Blog is an opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts of my writing, personal and others journey; and the evolution as I take pictures, post them, while sharing stories along the way of the locations, situations and people I meet while doing the Mona in the 6IXX or #monainthe6ixx advertising, promotion, marketing campaign. These pictures provided me with an opportunity to meet everyday people, possible readers and fans of the Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past Trilogy and explore Toronto, the GTHA and the 6IXX in all its beauty and splendor. The Mona in the 6IXX Campaign came out of a creative necessity to get the word out about the books without large budget. Each picture is posted on social media i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc., and I share the stories behind the pictures in this Blog.                                                                                                                    I will be posting once a month every forth Friday and looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and do something unexpected and spontaneous. We will be following the posting on Instagram which launched the Mona in the 6IXX Campaign January 2021.